Main Attraction at the Moccasin Circus

Acrylic, gold leaf, paper and a moth on canvas. 2001-2002

2009 People’s Choice winner of the Everson Museum of Art’s first annual 60/60 event for most emotional piece in Syracuse, New York.

This painting came to fruition because after my initial psychotic break in 1998, I was bombarded by people who for curiosity’s sake wanted to know what was happening. Why did I lose 20 lbs and go down to 82 (I’m 5’8), and what was with my word salads? These were church people who wanted to “prayer-chain gossip”, or gossip in the guise of prayer requests.  One woman in particular was always trying to egg me on to talk, her and I weren’t that close but she was close to other people that for health’s sake I needed to avoid. It always felt like she wanted to know so that she could tell them, or just because she wanted to know. There was no real concern for my well being.

I felt trapped by my illness, (the cage). Oppressed by church people (the apes). longing for freedom/health and any god not associated with those apes. (the dove with the rope) And also I felt bombarded and overwhelmed by my medication and illness (the prescription paper in the red t-shirt) and “Moccasin Circus” because this individual lived on Moccasin Circle.

About Vykky

I'm an artist from upstate New York. I've won a couple awards and I like to focus my work around my battle with schizoaffective disorder.
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4 Responses to Main Attraction at the Moccasin Circus

  1. suzanne says:

    I love this one. The monkeys and red are very powerful

  2. Alex says:

    I just read your description. I really like this piece more now that I know you represent church people as apes. 😀

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